This blog is mostly about the life and times of the Covner family, in Suzhou. It started out a little different. It was going to be focused much more on politics, society, business, etc. Over the years sometimes this site was updated frequently…and other times it just sat there. Now we focus on our kids. So this blog focuses a lot more on our children. Its not so much about expats living in China anymore. Its not even about China. Its just about our life.

We are happy to make new friends and give free advice to anyone moving to our neighborhood.

You can contact us at this address:

Jesse: taikongren @ gmail . com

Haga: hcovner @ gmail . com

(you need to copy the address and delete the spaces…this is to prevent spamb0ts from causing me trouble)

phone: +86-13564935681

(note: if you call in the middle of the night, I will open a can of whip-ass on you)

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