May 252021

We went on a short cabin trip two weeks ago at the end of May holiday to a location in Gifu prefecture (I think), about 1.5 hours drive from home.

First we saw Naegi Castle ruins. Not much to see there as the actual castle structure was carted off in the later part of the 19th century. The castle was made by an ally of Nobunaga, but fell to the Tokugawa clan. Anyway, nothing much to see but the foundations, but it was a nice little hike and it’s pretty.

Family across from the Naegi Castle ruins

After the hike we went to a river and the boys went fishing. Basically, people there released some fish near us in the river and the boys tried to catch them. Normally we could cook it there, but due to Covid, we had to cook it ourselves later at the cabin.

The BBQ set at the cabin was actually just a pre-fab concrete drainage gutter (the type found all over Japan). Akiva found some cinder blocks to put coal ontop to elevate it closer to the meat. I cooked the fish and also chicken and beef.

Next day went back to the river and walked up a trail. There were several waterfalls.

Akiva also found some baby bamboo shoots in the forrest. We took that home and made bamboo chicken rice.

Next weekend (actually yesterday) was my birthday. On Sunday, to celebrate, we went out to the beach.

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