Oct 292020


Three weeks ago we went on a 3 day trip to Fuji Mountain.

We had a government provided discount for the hotel and $60 voucher to spend on souvenirs and convenience store food. At the hotel there was a torture course.


On the first day we went for a lite walk through the woods. Before the walk, we started at a shrine.

shrine 1

In the woods, we met an elderly local woman who was collecting chestnuts, mushrooms, and pretty red berries. She handed me a berries which smelled great and caused me to gain lots of energy. But two hours later my hands swelled up.

close 1

first walk 1

After that walk we drove to a scenic “Diamond Fuji” spot.

fuji 1

scenic spot 1




scenic spot 2

That night we had local “flat” noodles and karage chicken.


Next day we went to Fuji mountain and we hiked around the tree line.

fuji hike 1

fuji hike 2

fuji hike 4

fuji hike 5

fuji hike 7

On the third day, we went on a 4 hours hike were we visited some caves. The forests around Fuji are redwood-like, but on volcanic soil ground. It was quite beautiful.

cave 1

forest walk

Just BTW, day before we went, we had a BBQ.


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