Sep 292020

Kenaz turned 14. Haga turned 50.

Over these Birthday weeks (and High Holidays) we went to a movie in a theater (Tenet… they liked it but the sound was too loud), ate Mumbran (Mount Blanc) cake, went to the beach, did a Costco trip, ate tiramisu, went to a great Ramen restaurant, and other things.



This was Sunday, at the beach (beach videos a little blurry because of the not completely waterproof waterproof case on my camera)

Some underwater shots. Akiva in this video is trying to spear a fish with a dull piece of broken bamboo:

Kids coming out of the water while the videographer covered part of the video with his finger:

Haga had a relaxing time:


On Haga’s Birthday we ate mumbran:


During her birthday weekend we went hiking through parks and small mountains:





The parks and mountains were not far from our house. Here is a timelapse of the bikeride:

BTW, we’ve been swimming and exercising. And last week we had this delicious Hokaido – Miso Ramen after our workout (I didn’t eat this bowl because of all the pork, but if I liked pork, this would be really good):


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