May 282020

So… it was my Birthday.  Funny story.  During the year, in moments of depression, I convinced myself that I”m actually several years older and hence closer to death and the void and all the world is going to fall apart.  My family told me my real age, making me realize that I’m younger than I thought.  Also, as the world is falling apart, I feel great because it’s not me who is crazy.  And, actually, I got it pretty good in some ways. (note, in video below I have not shaved in about 10 days, so I look like I have a white beard).



My wife made me icecream cake.  One was vanilla with Oreo cookie crust. Because my wife really loves me she also put yogurt into the icecream to make it more healthy. And Akiva prepared the chocolate icecream with serial in it, also to make it more healthy.

cake 3


Kids prepared decorated chocolate bars to top the cake.


cake decorations1

As a birthday activity, family got some concrete cement from the dollar store and we decorated the patio bricks and planter bricks with broken glass and dollar-store bought beads (I put in the patio recently using bricks we borrowed from some places)

garden 2

garden 3 garden 4


I got serious about the garden when I was depressed and thought the world would end. Now we have a jungle of potato and tomato plants (inspired by the movie “The Martian”).  I put some decorations on it too. I think this is going to be a new hobby of mine. I’ll go to the river and get broken beer bottles – cleaning the river is a mitzvot – and then decorate my garden with it.



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