Jan 062018

Just before the Winter break, there was a science exhibit at school:

And a musical performance:

We celebrated Chanukah.


Also, ook care of a piece of crap worthless cute dog (which bit me and bit a hole through my favorite shirt.  Now it will take months to find a replacement shirt.

piece of crap dog


At the beginning of the Winter break, we went to an outdoor modern art installation:

exhibit 2


lava fields

We also climbed a few local mountains.

In Yokohama, we celebrated New Years and rang in the year literally on a bell at the local temple (at the top of a mountain).

new years bell

On January 2nd, went to Costco.  Note to self… do not go to Costco on January 2nd.

costco line


On January 3rd, we celebrated Haga’s grandmother’s 100th birthday.



We had a big party.



Grandma received a certificate of recognition from Prime Minister Abe (who I think of as a less crude version of Trump, but this is a nice gesture).




There were performances…

And we made sure everyone know their age…







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