Apr 112017

Akiva sang The Four Questions (he didn’t use transliteration).


10 guests… that’s the largest Sedar I have ever hosted.  Haga cut her finger the day before; it was bleeding.  That meant two things; 1) she poured her blood into our food, and 2) I had to do most of the cooking.



Yam and Apple dish and the brisket stew.  I went downtown and found a Korean store.  There I asked them where I can find some brisket.  They took me to a butcher nearby.  Note for next year: I can order online from The Meat Guy; check to see prices.


They didn’t like the soup but the Matzoh balls were good.  Note for next year: put salt in the soup.  Successful MB recipe: for 14 people, need 2 cups M. meal.  Ratio: 1 cup M.meal, 4 eggs, 1/4 olive oil, 1/4 stock. done.


As International Jews, we can borrow from sephardic traditions.  Therefore, with homemade Hummus shall we eat it.


New Italian-Jewish dish.  Don’t know what it’s called.  Lots of chopped eggplant, 1 can tomatoes, raisins, 1.5 carrots, a little vinegar, onions, garlic, etc.


Before, two weeks ago, went on trip to Isa-Shima.  We did BBQ at a campsite.  It was cold and wet.  Kids and I also tried to row a kayak on a very windy day.  I wanted to through them into the water.  But under my leadership, we paddled back to shore.

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