Apr 032016

Jesse wondered why Japanese are crazy about Hanami (cherry blossom viewing)”. Japanese people often have a picnic party to enjoy cherry blossoms as well as food and drinks under the cherry tree. DSC_0265


Saturday morning my mother called me to ask if we are going to do Hanami. In fact, she has already done it in the park not far from her house. I asked her why she did it and why we should do it. She told me no matter what you need to eat meal why not enjoy cherry blossom and nice spring weather outside. DSC_0266
It was nice and warm this Saturday. We walked on the river side and went to Japanese Home Depot (Jesse spend two hours to try to find some pieces to modify a Nerf gun which made all of us crazy). Any way, Jesse picked a 57 cents plastic tube. It was time to eat lunch. We decided to follow the Japanese sprit to eat our lunch by cherry trees.

DSC_0269 DSC_0272

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