Jan 172016

Komeda Coffee is a local coffee shop in Nagoya area. We cannot find Starbucks but Komeda everywhere. They are famous for 1 coin (500 yen) break fast set menu, coffee or your choice of drink (Akiva and Kenaz got milk) come with a thick toast bread with boiled egg or jam. Komeda recommend sweet red bean spread.IMG_20151222_110848Another Komeda’s special menu is a soft served ice cream on top of warmDanish pastry.  

Wow, cold ice cream goes with warm danish very well. Kenaz cannot resist it!


I like hiking. Our new favorite is Mt. Miroku. On the top, we can feed birds. It is cute small green bird. Oh, about bird, when we were in Kamakura, a hawk took away my chocolate sandwich from behind from sky.



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