Nov 072015


Akiva is crazy about anything relate to hunting, like catching butterfly, picking a prize in the crane game in arcade, finding the best collective cards . Fishing is one of his favorite. He can sit and wait for long time. We have a fishing pond by bicycle distance. In the pond, there are so many big fat smart fishes. They know how to eat bait out of hook which made Akiva more into it.


We went to COSTCO in Nagoya. We stopped by at Tokoname, a small ceramic town. The walls and streets were made out of potteries. DSC_0093

It was an OK detour. But our final destination was COSTCO where Jesse as an American felt like must to go.


We bought a bag of cheese, jar of peanut butter, quinoa, bagels, Korean bulgogi meat ect,  packed the shopping cart.


We cannot leave without eating churros and soft served ice cream.IMG_20151022_154449

Next day we had a BBQ in the park.IMG_20151023_130757It was fun! We rented a BBQ table. We used wood charcoal to grill the Korean meat we bought at COSTCO. Kids roasted banana which they learned at school camp.

IMG_20151023_134325Our desert was s’mores. We used a mega marshmallows.


Jesse and kids played soccer although Jesse wanted to take a nap on the red picnic blanket.

Kids and I went to a local honey farm in Jyokoji. Jyokoji is my favorite place where has a river, trails, temples and this farm.

There was different types of bee hives. We tested various honey. We bought honey from cherry flower and acacia.

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