Nov 042015

Kenaz became 9 years old!! Kenaz’s cousins joined us to celebrate his birthday during national holiday. Shiholi and Nahoko made a beautiful birthday card.DSC_0065They went to a train museum in Nagoya. DSC_0060Kenaz wanted to go to a Japanese pancake, okonomiyaki restaurant. It is a Japanese style, low table on tatami floor and no shoes. We need to take off our shoes and put in the shoes box. He found a box number 99 with the wood key shows number 99 to celebrate his 9 years old on September 29th.

Kenaz and Akiva really enjoy this restaurant.We have to make our own pancake. Flipping is their favorite part needs commitment to complete one big motion.


Kenaz made a four layers ice cream cake! DSC_0077

Happy birthday, Kenaz!!

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