Nov 072015

School was out for a week. My mother joined us and went to Osaka and Kyoto. We thought it was a perfect time to visit especially Kyoto. Since my school holiday was not during Japanese national holiday, we believed we could avoid crowds.  However there were many none Japanese tourists in both Osaka and Kyoto.

We left Nagoya at 8 am and arrived in Osaka at noon. Akiva was hungry. He wanted to go in the first restaurant we saw on the street. I wanted to walk around. I had to drag kids to find the Osaka food. At the end, we went to a random noodle restaurant.


The main street Doton bori was fun, a lot of excitements. Many oversize advertisements were the famous seen here.IMG_20151018_133938 IMG_20151018_134217

We took a short canal ride.IMG_20151018_135701
Our dinner was Osaka famous Takoyaki known as octopus (tako) balls. Takoyaki is a snack. The snack stands were everywhere on the street. We tasted takoyaki from different stands. I do not need to eat Takoyaki for years.

Night in Osaka was fun.


While walking to the next takoyaki stand, we took photos of ads.


Akiva had enough takoyaki.

IMG_20151018_182151We stayed in Ryokan, a Japanese style hotel. Kids were happy to take a big public bath and wore kimono pajama.
IMG_20151018_201113 IMG_20151018_201717

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