Apr 162015

A little late in posting this. We have not had good internet here in a while and no longer have VPN. So while we can, we will update the blog.

First up… Passover 2015.


So… we didn’t take many pictures. That’s because we were into the moment. And happy to celebrate with friends. We went over to friend Alan & Barbara & (younger friend) Eli’s house for Passover. However, I was still… the leader.


I made the Charosetz and Matzoh balls. Haga prepared delicious beef brisket and Apple/Yam dish. Kids made the egg salad. Alan and I finished all the prep at his house. Alan made the soup. Barbara made the asparagus and salmon. I prepared my new favorite dish- brussel sprouts in Chinese Chive sauce.

During the seder, all was organized well. The four questions were asked. The Afikomen was retrieved. A good happy celebration for all.

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