Feb 192015

We took a fast train for 5 hours from Beijing to Suzhou to meet my friends and eat our favorite food. 20150201_124203I have lived in Suzhou for 8 years. I enjoyed life in Suzhou Industrial Park. Akiva has spend all his early childhood in Suzhou. Kenaz was born in Suzhou. Through this trip, I realized Akiva and Keanz don’t remember much about Suzhou except noodles. We missed Suzhou style sweet soup noodle.

I love Suzhou style noodle too. I like vegetarian toppings with bamboo roots and some mushrooms.
Next our favorite is Korean BBQ. There are many authentic Korean restaurants.Thin sliced marinated beef is delicious over a charcoal BBQ.
20150131_181144We met up Youngju, my Korean friend. She always orders good food for us.


Leslie, my Taiwanese friend is going home for good after living Suzhou for many years. I was very happy to see her before she move out.

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