Apr 192014

20140414_175610Brisket: I started cooking on the weekend for the fist nigh of Passover. I was able to find “Brisket” meat at German store “Metro”. I cooked brisket all day on the stove. My oven is not big enough. Last year I used a rice cooker (like a slow cooker). I should have done it the same way.
Monday morning I wanted to have extra tenderness on my brisket. I set the brisket on the stove and left for school. I asked Jesse three times to watch my brisket…… When I came back from school at 4, the house smelled completely burned. We didn’t have brisket this year.
20140414_180230Service: We went to a reform Jew service on Tuesday. Many of Akiva and Kenaz classmates from Sunday school joined too. MC was a guy with bowtie and black flame eye glasses. (Jesse said he looks like Dr. Who. I said like Peewee) A girl with spiky hair and very deep voice did opening. There were many mixed raced kids and Asian moms. We had a nice Israeli red wine.

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