Feb 022014

It’s Chinese New Years again. Another 10 day holiday in Winter, and an extended birthday vacation for Akiva. We stopped doing traveling in China during CNY as it’s too crazy. But we found some very fun things to do here.


We went with the Paleozoology museum and Minieral and Geology museums and took two other (boy) friends from their school. They all took sketch books and spend a lot of time drawing fossils.


Over at the North Sea Lake, we went ice skating and ice-chair-skiing.





At night, on CNY and for two days afterwards, it sounds like a warzone. We went out to do some fireworks at 9:30. Fireworks went on until about 3AM. Actually Beijing government declared fireworks illegal inside the main city area, out to the 5th ring road (we are just outside the 3rd ring road). There are banners everywhere announcing the prohibition against fireworks ( I assume the reason for this is because the weather has been particularly dry and they want to avoid fires). Pretty much everyone ignores this. However, Chinese friends have told me that fireworks are a lot less now-a-days because everyone just has one Child, so the family celebrations are smaller.

This video shows how little fireworks are in Beijing.

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