Oct 042013

IMG_0059It is 11 days of National Holiday! Living China for 8 years, we know we should not travel during the holiday to avoid traffics and crowds. However it is hard to not to go any where. We attended a tour by Beijing Hiker to hike valleys, passing by an abandoned village.

IMG_0050We have predicted bad traffics but it is tough to sit on the bus for 3 hours each. We were really happy to to come out and stretch our legs and start hiking on beautiful valleys.

We went through bush on barely trails for 9 km. Although long-sleeved shirt and long pants were recommended, kids put on short pants (by our bad decision). Their legs got many small scratches. We walked alongside a small stream. Many rocks are covered by moss. It was very green and pretty. It was tough to climb down steep hills. It was very slippery with loose dirt and small rocks. Kenaz slid a several times. My tip of toes got in pain to go down the steep slippery hills. Jesse had a brand new hiking boots which made his feet very tired.
IMG_0063The forest was so beautiful and reminded us the forest in Northern California. We want to come back here again!

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