Oct 012013


(Above cake was created using the bread-maker which Haga got for her birthday, and ice cream)

[post by Jesse]
He woke up in the morning and said “I’m seven years old now.”. He wanted to go to the Wall again on his birthday.


Later we went again to the Great Wall, again. We left late, missed the 10:50 train, went to the bus station. Felt that the bus people were slimy. Picked up two German students who needed help finding their way around. Went back to the train station. Lined up. Dashed about 200m from the gate to the train (because there was no assigned seating… and everyone else was running). Took train to the Wall. Walked 1km to the entrance. Walked up the WEST side from BaDaLing.



On the way back, we were running late for the train and really wanted to get a seat. So we took the sky tram down. Kenaz loved it. I was praying that we live in a reality in which a i maintenance person properly maintained this transportation device. The is another quantum reality in which the tram collapses because of idiot people who drink Baijiu (Chinese liquor) and sit on their ass when they should be fixing stuff. Luckily I don’t live in that reality.

Kenaz got some action figures and an electric keyboard for his birthday. Haga started training Kenaz on basic piano techniques already.

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