Oct 012013

Haga and I moved to Beijing in part because of her new job at an international school. Beijing is a more difficult place to live, more expensive, and requires a lot of adjustments. Here are some of the things we do, and some of the things we use in Beijing.

1. Bio-Engineered Environmental Systems.





We bought about 16 oxygen producing and air cleaning plants put into every room. We selected these plants based on a NASA report about oxygen producing plants.

2. High-Tech Air filtration systems




The above systems cost 200RMB (aobut $35). Learned about it from this website. They show data showing that this system is about as good as a 4000RMB system for filtering out indoor PM2.5 pollution.

3. Protein Intake.



 This is called “Mutton Spine”. Because it’s made from mutton spine. And it is very good. ‘m just showing this here because I needed to include a picture of food.



4. Rapid Transportation System



We ride the subway every day. Its usually packed in. But it costs only $.30 each way, no matter how far we travel. So our transportation budget is pretty small. And it’s much faster than getting stuck in car traffic.

5.Education and Propaganda Channels.

Next post will show personal environmental suit features.

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