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Hello, Our Friends and Family First of all,

[Haga]We are doing great in Beijing. We had a lot of must-to-do things when we got here (like finding apartment, unpacking 50 huge boxes).

[Jesse] Yes, we are in Beijing.  For those that don’t know, Haga got a very good job at an International School.  So we moved to Beijing.  Meanwhile I travel to Hong Kong and Suzhou to take care of my business, and I have a new office here (sharing with Chinese partners).  Funny thing is, every time I mention to a Chinese guy here that we moved from Suzhou to Beijing, they all say “why would you do that?  Suzhou is nice.”

About those things we have done… all of it was a big pain in the butt.  I had to find a place in 3 days.  There were a lot of messed up things having to do with the agents that we  were forced to work with.  Several people got put onto my enemies list.

[Haga] One of the high priorities was going to flower market to get “clean air” plants like mother in law’s tongue, Devil’s ivy.

[Jesse]This is part of an Environmental Control Systems unit which we are building in our new apartment.  Plants are for controlling in-door pollution and producing more oxygen when we close the windows in order to limit outdoor pollution.  See link here for details on the plants.  Our next step is to build several cheap air purifiers (and save money over buying the pre-made kind).  See here for more info


[Haga]Before winter comes, we are hoping to get our house like a jungle.

[Haga]Another important mission is to find good restaurants.

[Jesse] And all types of noodle restaurants.

IMG_0469[Haga]We realized Beijing Duck in Beijing is awesome. We had ducks three times since we got here. Every time we eat duck, we all go like “Wow!”. It is very delicious, super crispy outside and tender and juicy inside. We ask a whole duck bone to go and next day we can make a duck soup.


We often go to Moslim BBQ place.IMG_0066Jesse and I love Chinese Salada (with peanuts and sweet vinegary dressing). BBQ eggpants and mushrooms are my favoriete.

IMG_0072Kids love chicken wings.


It is salty. Beer goes very well with BBQ


Another great place is Biteapitta. It is middle east food in Sanliton.

Shawarma is Akiva’s favorite.


Kenaz is crazy about their egg salad.

[Jesse] Sorry all about not posting more often.  I will make sure that we post a few times this week on topics including: Haga’s Birthday, Jewish activities in Beijing, Our Trip to The Wall, and Beijing Fashion Trends for Men.

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