Jul 172013

IMG_0332 (640x480)My mom has a spinal stenosis. The spinal nerve roots in the lower back are compressed, and this can produce major pain on her lower back. She is doing several treatments and excersizes. One of them is an air blowgun.IMG_0336 (640x480)Last Saturday Akiva and I went to see her practice. She started from 6m distance. Now she is 8m. 10 m is the farest distance at the competition. Her expel the air is powerful and quick. Akiva thought it was easy. He tried from 6m and realized it is not easy as look. We will come back next Saturday.
IMG_0366 (640x480) The latest hidden hot sopt in Yokodai is foot bath. When a nursing home was constracted on the Enkaisan mountain where 5 minutes walking distance my parents house. The natural hot spring came out. Although we cannot take a bath, the nersing home built a foot bath for free.
IMG_0368 (640x480) My mom and I go there often to detox. My mom washes her face (not in the foot bath) with natural hot spring every time. Her skin looks amazing! By the way, there is a clay of raccoon with big balls. I do not know why.

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