Jul 022013

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Saturday we went to an aquarium in Enoshima not too far from my parent’s house. My mom got free tickets from her friend.
IMG_0154 (640x480)We have gone to the Sea World in San Diego many times. I had no expectation for the aquarium. It was surprisingly nice. It was small but very dense.
IMG_0232 (640x480)We did not need to walk around from an attraction to another. The aquarium had a dolphin show with five singing female trainers who can swim like Synchronized swimmers.
IMG_0248 (640x480)I especially enjoyed the jelly fish tanks which is my latest fantasize. I lectured kids how important to protect ocean and not overfish.

IMG_0242 (640x480)The aquarium was right next to beach. We saw many female surfers practicing with small waves. We ate my home-made onigiri bento while we enjoyed breeze on the beach.

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IMG_0235 (640x480)That night we went to a new sushi bar. The fish made me crave for sushi….. There was 40 minutes line. It was Saturday night. We went to a book store to kill our time although my dad did not want to wait. It was not good sushi. We did not like it.
IMG_0252 (640x480)Kids enjoyed it. Akiva got a totally hunter. He kept looking all around the sushi wheel.
IMG_0255 (640x480)After I have exposed to more western culture and value, I feel we as Japanese should eat less fish….. not healthy but environment reason. How can we control ourselves!?

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