Jul 072013

IMG_0122 (640x480)Akiva and Kenaz are studying in Japanese curriculum. They have a calligraphy, an English flute, a horizontal bar like a gymnastics and a geography class. IMG_0123 (640x480)
They are enjoying trying new things. Akiva used a pair of compasses as math tool, the first time. Kenaz wore hairnets and mask to serve lunch food to his friends and mopped the class room floor at souji time-the period.
IMG_0124 (640x480)

Last Saturday I went see my best friend Ika-chan. She is also proud to be a mother of two boys. My boys and her boys played bowling and air hockey.
IMG_0262 (640x480)
We were at a huge shopping mall in Yokohama. Here comes the sadness of being mother of boys, four boys did not show any interest in shopping, we went to an out-door park. While boys were playing tags, Ika-chan and I sat on bench and had a lot of catch ups.
IMG_0260 (640x480)

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