May 252013


I’m one year closer to the end. One year closer to nothingness, “the state of being nothing,[2] the state of nonexistence of anything, or the property of having nothing.” We have celebrated a holiday to commemorate the advancement to the void; it’s called Jesse’s Birthday. A traditional holiday, which is meant as a protest against the vastness of the mechanical universe we live in. A holiday celebrating the self-delusion of the passing of Time, which is really nothing more than the observation of the Laws of Thermodynamics.


This Birthday fell on the Jewish holiday of Shabat (ie. Friday night, the day of rest. Rest… does that happen when one is dead?). We did candles, wine, bread, and then I pulled out a torilla-chip, bean, and egg dish. (supposed to be bowties and cottage-cheese, but the cottage cheese was impossible to source at a reasonable price) Then we watched Doctor Who, Season 7, Ep1. Then the home-made ice-cream cake, which was delicious.


My birthday presents consisted of two pimping medals for being “Best Dad” (a title I cannot deserve), and 5 hats for my bald head. Two of the hats were really cool. Two of the hats Haga purchased while she was taking drugs and fantasizing about being a DJ in a hip-hop-club in a Scandinavian country.

That was my Birthday. To all those who have gotten on Facebook to wish me Happy Birthday… and to all those who have wished me happy birthday just in your heads… thank you and love. Please note that if you want to see more blog-posts you need need to see the blog, as the blog has not automatically updated to Facebook for the last year.

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  1. Good morning and have a great day. Love

  2. What is wrong with you Bubba???
    I love you,

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