Mar 262013


“As you can see, there are parts called ‘Leader’ and parts called ‘participant.'”


Friends Jason and Tavon, who have not seen each other in two years, arrived at Passover. They proceeded to drink too much wine. Which at times let to miss-understandings about the meaning of the word “Leadership”.


The Sedar Plate, after the Roasted Egg has been put into egg-salad. Shankbone is not pictured, but it was present. Charoses recipe: 2 apple, 1 mango, Xinjiang greeen raisins, Chinese dates, half a large back of crushed, chopped walnuts, cheap wine, a little lemon, a little chopped parsely, some honey (but not so much… 3 seconds squeeze). Just right.


“With Matzoh and Moror shall they eat it.”



Salad & gifilte fish preparation station. The canned gifilte fish is really good.


Haga made great beef brisket (we used the rice-cooker to slow-cook… Haga thinks we should skim more fat off next time). Salmon (with lemon, soy-sauce , sugar coating), and Apple-Sweet-potatoe dish (next year must let Haga buy the sweet-potatoes because I bought wrong type… but still really good). Matzoh ball soup was good, but balls were sinkers, not floaters. Should have added more water too mix and cook a little less. Accidentally over-cooked broccolli. Chocolate covered matzoh for desert.


“Four times, in the course of this Service, we shall partake of the wine, symbol of joy and thanksgiving…”

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