Dec 312012


We had a great winter vacation weekend. Started off Friday with games of Dreidel and Monopoly


I won the Monopoly, despite Haga’s attempt to make Akiva win. Akiva did a great job. Kenaz was on Haga’s team and managed the dice rolling and counting.


On Saturday morning we took a train from the SIP-Suzhou station to Shanghai Station, then took 2 subway lines to get to the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum.


The museum had several hands-on science exhibits, as well as a large (maybe stuffed) animal exhibit and an exhibit about spiders. Kids enjoyed it alot. In general a very good winter activity. It also had an Ocean Science exhibit which we skipped. And a Robots exhibit. Many of those robots were broken. And there was a Robot show with a robot theme song, but we all fell asleep during that show while the theme song pumped subliminal commands into our minds.



In the hands-on area they had a game which measured brain-wave amplitude and moved a metal puck (probably with a magnet underneath) according to who had greater amplitude. Of course怀I beat everyone because my brainwaves are too strong.


Earlier in the day it was drizzling. But at night it started to snow. That was a little problem on the way back… we had to wait for 30 minutes to get a taxi from the train station to home… we could have walked it, but it was very cold and wet. When we got back we had a little fun (although my fingers got frozen)







Sunday morning we went outside to have some more snow-ball fights. Its a nice treat to have snow in Suzhou. Very fun, although right now I don’t want to go back outside.



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