Jul 222012

Behold. The children enjoy eating Bow ties (farfalle) and Cottage Cheese.

OK. We have not posted in a long time. Live has been busy and not always enjoyable since that dark day which celebrated a milestone my lessening mortality. So long story short: We came to USA – San Diego. Our goals are to relax, give the kids some American air (and language, culture, etc), and let the Grandparents and Aunt / Uncle know the kids.

Due to a really stupid mix-up which I will not get into here, Haga’s travel ticket got messed up and so Haga had to come to San Diego 10 days after the kids and I. That gave Haga 10 days to prepare for her next semester work (she like to prepare in advance) as well as exercise and go to discos.

So on July 2, the kids and I traveled to Pudong, then to Inchon (Korea… btw… free showers, internet, decent food, and sleeper-chairs at that airport), then to San Diego by car.

In America, San Diego, we recuperated from travel. Watched a lot of TV. Created some cool Lego creations with new purchases from the fabulous Lego store, and took the kids to their first ball game.

Akiva was bored with the game. Padres lost 6 – 0, which somewhat disappointed my competitive son. It was also cold… about 19C or so… which is a big difference from the night-time temperature of Suzhou (around 30C).

Kids and Haga will be here in San Diego until August 8th. I will be here until first week of September. More updates to follow.

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