Jul 232012

On July 14th we picked up Haga from the airport and checked into a Hotel in Anaheim. Here is the buffet breakfast review:

Next day, my family – including brother, sister, parents, and family friend Dillon – went to Disneyland.

The best way to do Disneyland is by accompanying a relative with serious health issues which impair her mobility, thus requiring a special handicap pass which allows us to (mostly) bypass all the lines. So if you are not accompanying someone with serious health issues, don’t bother going to Disneyland.

Next to Disneyland is another park called Disneyland California Adventure… which is a simulation of the State of California, inside a theme park inside the State of California. Which is actually just a construct in the Matrix.


The kids went crazy for Churros.  Which is truly a great California treat.



First ride was my favorite: Pirates of the Caribbean.  Kenaz was pretty freaked out. Akiva kept asking if the treasure was real and could we get it.


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