Jul 242012

After Disneyland, before we went back to San Diego, we met up with Uncle Marty, and Micah (my brother) introduced us to his new G-Friend, whom I call “Organica”. We had dinner at the Katella Bakery Deli in Anaheim.


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They served pickles as appetizers. Very good.


Rachel’s Turkey, Avocado and sprout sandwich.



Haga ordered a brisket.  The brisket she made for Passover (and for that matter the Brisket my Mom makes) was much better.


Kids, who have mostly been living in China, had a craving for noodles, so we ordered Matzoh Ball – Noodle soup.  Pretty good.



I ordered a wedge salad.  It was very old style and not to my liking.  I wanted something crisper and simpler.


My Ruben sandwich with corned beef and sauerkraut was excellent.


Good fried zuccinnis, which we ate up before I could photograph.

I generally had a favorable impression of this restaurant. However, I have eaten in much better diners… especially in New York. My father also thought it was just OK. That being said, this was a type of Western food I had not eaten in a long time and I felt it was pretty good for us.

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