Apr 112012

Passover 2012. We followed the tradition and this year Akiva was able to read the Four Questions.

We had my friend and old boss Gene Dorris and his wife and son Issac over. Issac is Kenaz’s age. They played together and got somewhat wild. We also had my Buffy…er… my assistant Buffy. We also had Tavon, who was supposed to come over and sit next to Buffy so that they could meet each other. But Tavon arrived at 9PM. Which brings me back to the age old question…why are all my friends idiots?

We were missing a Shank bone this year. But we got real horseradish. I still mixed it with Daikon and jar-ed horseradish as the real stuff was dried and not potent enough. Charosetz made with raisin, mango, 1 apple, walnut and almond, parsley, dried dates.

Kids got through the Sedar OK without too much moving around. They got Lego-minifigure surprise packages as presents. Gene was impressed. Buffy s doesn’t speak English and Tavon was not around to talk to her (I, as leader, didn’t have time to talk to her either). She said she had a good time though. Haga and the kids and everyone had a good time. Me too.

We served half-a-salmon (put lemon and herbs and salt on top)… didn’t get finished. The brisket got burnt in the rice-cooker. We’ll have to do something about that for next year, and also buy about 4 times as much. Apple and Yam dish was great (although there were left-overs only because Gene is diabetic so didn’t eat that much and the boys already were full… this year 5 apples and a sack of yams…next year 2X). Giffilte fish in the can was great. Matzoh balls were good (remember 4 eggs + 1 cup Matzoh meal + 1/2 cup soda water + a little bit of olive oil). Egg salad of course. Bunch of Asparagus. Desert was Afikomen. Also chocolate covered Matzoh.

To all friends and family, happy Passover. I miss you all.

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  1. Excellent job Akiva!!!

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