Jan 262012

Yesterday was Akiva’s Birthday. He is now a big seven year old boy.

Its Chinese Newyears, So all his classmates/friends are on vacation and most left the country. So we had a small party among our nation of four. We made Akiva’s ice-cream cake together.

One good thing about Winter here… strawberry season.

Before the cake, we had home-made hand-made Sushi. Haga bought the sashimi in the JiuGuang department store in Times Square. She said it was packed, in part because its actually open during the Chinese New Years holiday, and in part because people like to buy high-end presents. But the sashimi was half price because she bought it at night. So she bought a lot. They could not finish eating it and we could not let this go to waste, so I had to help out a lot.

We didn’t get anything for Akiva for his birthday. We want to get him a new bike, but its too cold now to really ride it. Akiva didn’t see any toys he likes. Also lately he is concerned about money…because his dad is concerned… so he said we didn’t need to get him anything now. We wrote him a birthday certificate which he can redeem when we go to San Diego and see more selection. His brother, however, wanted some toys. So we got a another little Lego set and we spend hours playing with Lego Ninjas.

I borrowed my friends X-Box and we have been playing games and watching movies on it. It’s pretty awesome. The kids like Naruto fighting game. I like Deus Ex. We all played Batman: Arkham City together. We play while laying on the heated carpet, which, I swear, is the best sleep aid ever invented. Nothing can make me want to sleep more than a nice heated carpet or heated bed pad (only problem is that if I fall asleep, I will wake up in 2 hours with my back all hot and sweaty, but my top sort of cold).

This is a one-day garbage haul of spend fire-works from part of our complex. Fireworks often go off at 3AM.

We also went for a walk on Akiva’s birthday. We kicked a soccer ball on the sidewalk. On the way back Akiva accidentally kicked it into a pond. Then we waited around until the wind pushed the ball to the side of the pond. Then Akiva picked it up and passed it to Kenaz, who didn’t block it and it went back in the pond. The kids had great fun doing this.

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