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I’ve been really really busy. So busy that I am losing my keys and other things. So busy that I feel I’m going a little crazy. Too many things going on with work. Which is a good thing…or would be a good thing if I was making enough money from this.

So I went to Beijing, attended a small exhibition, signed up a master agent for China, and gave a presentation. It was a very interesting exhibition because most of the exhibitors were selling card-games with either copied / ripped-off game rules, or they were selling card games with out-right un-licensed IP. Lots of interesting politics. And in the middle of this, my partner and I arrived with a licensed IP game, with an altruistic vision of how we can fit in China, and…style.

Below is the post from my company’s site (www.eos-sama.com):


On Sunday, October 24th, Syn Chen and Jesse Covner (me) went to attend a small Beijing trade show (link to Chinese site) to promote EOS’s “Stormrider” (风云) game in China, as well as make relationships with distributors and potential partners.


Models and Cosplayers show Stormrider game

Our real reason for attending this small show was to meet and work with our new Chinese partners, who will help us promote games and “game culture” in China. At the exhibition we made a group presentation. One of our partners, Mr. Keith Yim, gave a passionate speech about the history and benefits of table-top RPG games.

You can see my introductory speech below..


For those of you who don’t speak Chinese (and for Chinese readers who’s English is better than my Chinese), here is the general content of what I said in the video.

Two days ago I had a little bit of a problem.   A giant monster from another dimension wanted to eat my soul then crush my body with its giant tentacles.  I survived this.  Then yesterday was a little better…. I won a Kungfu competition against my arch enemy, a member of the Vengeful Ghost Society.  He had used his Hungry Wolves sword technques on me, which was no match for my Dancing Crane technique.

Of course, this only happened in my mind…in my imagination.  As you can see, I have a very active imagination. Which helps me in my real-life job .  My name is Jesse Covner.  My job is CEO of EOS.

EOS has a simple mission.  We create worlds out of our imagination in order to share with others.  We put these worlds into our table-top RPG games.  We put these wolds into our game systems.

10 years ago, the founder of EOS…Mr. Syn Chen…who is sitting right there… give a wave Syn… started EOS.  We successfully published several RPG games.  In just a bit, I will talk about what a role playing game is.

This year we have published for foreign markets

Nobilis TRPG, an Manga – style RPG in which players play awakened Gods.

Trail of the Brotherhood – a horror -theme board game based on the literary works of the famous American horror writter HP. Lovecraft

We are publishing next month Legends of the Wulin… [chinese name here].  This is a wuxia – themed RPG game in which players take on the roles of wuxia heros and fight for honor and justice.

And in Greater China markets – Taiwan, Hongkong, and China, we are publishing our Fengyun card game.  This game lets players recreate stories from the Fengyun comic book, which is published by Tianxia company of Hong Kong.  In just a bit my partner will introduce this game to you.

EOS is, as of today, an international company; we publish and sell products in Europe, USA, and Greater China.  (BTW, next year we will be taking some of our boardgames and licensed toys to the Japan market).  We have operations in Taiwan, Seattle Washington (USA), and Suzhou.  In the United States and Europe, our games are distributed by the largest game distributors ACD and Alliance Distribution.  And for our new operations in China, we are represented by …. who is owned by Mr. Zhang Hao and Mr. Keith … please stand up to show yourselves… our EOS Champions.

Our goal here in China is rather ambitious, yet maybe different from the other great companies here.  Yes, we want to promote our products and make money. However, we also want to promote table-top gaming culture.  We want to promot table-top gaming culture because we believe that this culture can help people increase their creativity.  We also think that table-top games like RPGs as well as board and card games helps people look at life differently.

Now, we cannot try to introduce change to China’s culture alone.  We need partners and friends.  We need those who believe in gaming.  So at this point, I would like to introduce you to our great partner, —– who is goint to talk a little about our first Chinese game – Fengyun card game, and also talk to you about what is a TRPG.   Its been my honor to speak introduce my company to you…I hope you understood some of what I said.  Now please welcome Mr. Zhanghao, to talk about our Fengyun game.

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