May 252011

Although it looks like “14” on the cake, its actually “41”. I’m North of 40. Which does not make me happy. Family makes me happy. They are my present from G_d. My wife didn’t get me any present because she does not know what to get me (other than things I can’t have like a PS3) . But they did make a delicious awesome ice cream cake.

Other things that happened / happening around my B-Day:
1. My two assistants gave me cards. I took them out to lunch (at the Japanese curry restaurant). No food review…next time.

2. Saw the midnight IMAX showing of Pirates of the Caribbean (meh…entertaining but I hardly remember it), and probably this weekend will see Kung Fu Panda 2 with the family.

3. Going to Shanghai now to see friends Jason and Tavon.

4. Akiva loves to take pictures. Here is a self portrait.

Also, for all the people who wished me Happy Birthday through the Facebook: thank you for you wishes.

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  2 Responses to “My Birthday”

  1. Happy Birthday. On the late side I know. Pirates was a let down. Kung Fu Panda should be fun, taking the family to see it this week.

  2. Hi. Happy family! I’m glad to see the picture.

    I performed dance”AKB48”. I succeed to reduce my weight.
    Thank you.

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