Apr 092011

Today, the kids and Haga ran a mini-Marathon… 5 kilometers. They went with a group of Haga’s co-workers from their school. I myself provided critical support services by carrying a bottle of water and their bags while I rode on the electric bike.


Akiva walked and/or ran the entire journey. Kenaz walked and/or ran all but about .5 kilometers. Akiva went faster, except when he’s talking, so he was often with Haga’s co-workers (a Korean, a Taiwanese, and a British mom)


Here is the map of the route:

After the marathon, I took the kids home while everyone else walked. I then prepared breakfast for the kids and Haga, three of Haga’s coworkers and accompanying husband and two teenagers. We ate beef & egg casedilla with coffee and home-made salsa. Haga also made banana and chocolate waffles for those who wanted. It was a big success.

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