Feb 272011

We discovered another Korean restaurant. It does BBQ meats like others. This one was more like a bar though. I can’t really say what was different. I just felt more raw.

Speaking of raw…

Instead of the usual free appetizers, we got a bowl of onions, vinegar, and a raw egg. I mixed it up and ate it. It was the best onions and raw egg mixture I ever ate.

Instead of the usual Bimbimbap (stone pot rice), the waitress fried up our rice, egg, and pickled vegetables on our table-grill. It was very good.

The kids ate noodles, which they liked.

The beef was very good too. I didn’t take pictures of it as I was busy eating. We dipped the beef in a bowl of garlic with some oil.

The restaurant is located in the Hupan Garden Neighborhood center… sort of in the passageway between the North building (where the wet market is) and the South building (where the other restaurants and Korean shops are)

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I other news, we walked around a lake.

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