Jan 182011

I have not posted in a while. This is primarily because my Grandfather George passed away on Christmas Eve day, and at the time we thought that my Grandmother Sophie was going to pass away in a few days (she did not, but her dementia has progressed to the point where she often is…not really there). I did not know if I wanted to write about him here, or what to write, so I didn’t write anything since Chanuka. I guess I don’t really want to talk to much about my feelings about this because I’m don’t really understand my feelings, and I don’t like to be verbose about these types of feelings in public forums. I don’t feel that sad, except when I think of something from my childhood. Then all of a sudden I get very sad. And I feel helpless too. Because death is not something I can do anything about. Its not something I can fix. I cannot really fix anything around me, except some things which are right around me (in China).

I don’t have an eulogy to write here either. Words don’t really sum up what my Grandfather was for me and for our world. Words just can’t effectively describe a life and the connections that a life has. So I’m not going to write anything about him. However, my aunt sent me some Youtube links of video of him praying and singing. It difficult for me to see Youtube in China, but I’ll post the links here so that I can remember where they are and see this when I’m thinking of him.


So I’m writing this post now because our lives continues, and new things happen. People may want to know about the new things.

So… here is the run-down.

My new business venture – publishing RPG books and card games – is going up and down and up. I will let people know about all that when I have something more concrete to show. I have been travelling to Beijing and Hong Kong frequently to talk to distributors and IP licensees. So lots of travel for me.

We celebrated new years with friends, fireworks, and champaign. I have no pictures of the event though. Our camera broke and we were busy yelling at the kids to behave themselves.

We did our usual things. Dimsun on Christmas Sunday. DVD videos when we stay inside from the cold. Indoor playground for when the kids go stir crazy. We attended baffling, no-apparent-purpose events at the kids schools.

Winter has come full on. For the last two weeks its mostly hovered a little over freezing (0 – 3 C.) . The little pond in our complex has frozen solid. And now snow has come. Making everything very pretty…and very slippery.

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