Dec 122010

Hanukkah, is, as far as I know, a celebration about the victory of the Jews over the Assyrians following the death of Alexander the Great. It might be the first war fought in the name of religious freedom. Actually… who am I kidding… Chanukah is essentially Jewish Christmas. We do family things… we give presents…we light candles. We feel warm.

Yesterday we went to the kids Christmas school performance. Like all the other performances at the school…its for the parents, not the kids. Chinese don’t really celebrate Christmas, although they are getting into the idea that this is a time to give gifts if one has the money to afford them and one desires to show how internationalized one is. But I digress.

Yesterday we went to the kids Christmas school performance.

Here are the angels!

But the devil will rise!

Kenaz looks very happy here. Little does he know that the Remote Control Mario Racing Cart his grandma / grandpa / aunt bought for him…. which is Made In China … is going to fall apart and break into many pieces within 30 minutes of opening his present. And then it will be up to his father to fix it. And his father will fix it, because his father is just that awesome. But the Racing Cart will break again 20 minutes later. Which will cause his father to think about the nature of Capitalism in relationship to the Laws of Thermodynamics, and will cause despair because his father will start thinking about how global warming will doom us all and his son was disappointed on Capitalist Fat Red Man Day.

Akiva and his friends were thinking of going into the party and busting things up. You can tell by the way they look in this picture that they were up to something naughty.

The heart of the performance (besides Capitalist Fat Red Man’s arrival) was at the beginning, where the older class walked out onto the stage, each child holding candles without burning themselves, while singing “Silent Night”.

After that solemn performance, the teachers put on a treat for the men who were forced to come to event, and did some group pole dancing. I’m appreciative that the teachers took care to give us men something that would be appealing to us. And the teachers do know how to dance well, as they practice dancing with the kids every morning during warm-up exercises.

After the Teachers performance, there was sort of impromptu dancing with cheerleader thingys. Akiva got into this.

Later we did what we usually do…we went to the playground. Haga had taken most of a plate of chocolate chip cookies from the party and stuffed them into her purse, so we ate cookies while the kids played.

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