Nov 262010

This year we did not have our traditional Thanksgiving Beijing Duck…because the Quanjude Beijing Duck restaurant is gone, victim to the subway construction project. While brainstorming with my friend Jim about what to do about Turkey day, Jim took it upon himself to host the dinner. So the Suzhou Covner’s, Jim’s family, and Gareth all sat around this little table and ate Turkey, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes (with cheese, stuffed into a potato skin, chocolate chip cookies, cake, salad, and stuffing. Much of this possible because Jim’s apartment has a real oven…which Jim didn’t tell us before.

It was all very good. We also ate challah and drank two bottles of wine. I got tipsy.

I’m thankful for my wife, who works really hard. My children, who are beautiful and happy. My friends, who support me. My family outside of China, who love me.

In other news… I don’t know if anyone remembers but… last year at this time we had to move out of our apartment. Well… this year we have to move out again. Our landlords want the apartment back because their son is starting school and they want to live next to the school. I think they knew this was how it was going to be back when we moved in. I’m not angry though… they were generally good, responsive landlords. Now we are moving to a new apartment in the same complex, this weekend. New place is higher up (bad), had more light (very good), has better bathrooms (very very good), but might be colder (potentially very very bad), does not have as much furniture (not cool), has a big flat screen TV (X-Box cool), and has landlords who are… landlords (unknown…but usually bad )

Happy thanksgiving to all friends and family reading this. And don’t expect me to answer back your Facebook pokes and stuff.

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