Sep 022010

Akiva, Kenaz and I had a wonderful time in Yokohama, Japan. Kids were very happy to see their cousin Shi-chan and Noho-chan. Jiji and Baba (Grandpa and Grandma) helped me take care of kids all the time. I had a couple nights to go out to see my friends.

One night I went to see my previous manager Nobu and co-worker Yoshiko in Tokyo. They took me a fancy Japanese restaurant in high-rise building over Tokyo bay. Nobu was president at JSR Micro Sunnyvale when I was there. Now he is President of entire JSR. I have such a privilege to know him. Yoshiko hasn’t changed anything over ten years. She is the same beautiful and very sharp. Again I am very happy keep in touch with them.

Anyway, I am going to talk about the restaurant. The restaurant was at 47th floors and had great view at night. They had kind of ordinary Japanese food on the menu, but they displayed the detail of materials on it, like appetizer “fresh corn from Yoshida farm in Hokkaido raised in rich black soil. The corn contains 8% sugar”. I tried the corn. Sure it was sweet but raw!! I never ate raw corns before. I thought pig eats those. When I went back home I asked my mom if eating raw corns Japanese new trend, she said it is very few and good opportunity to have raw corns means the chef had confident on their food. Then we had fresh tofu from Kyoto made with 100% organic soybeans grown locally and used natural underground water. Tofu was very good but just big pile of cold tofu put on a plate like Jell-O. I have heard Jesse’s sarcastic voice “Yam, just tastes like tofu”. Then we had great fresh sashimi plate. At this point I started wondering if there is a chef in the kitchen. Nobu mentioned it is high calories but their port katsuretsu is wonderful. It was really delicious and had a flavor. Then we had white rice cooked in special ceramic bowl and cooked by natural wood coal slowly. I thought the rice was rather hard. I had some toppings to go with rice but it was so little because I was supposed to enjoy the flavor of rice… When I told my friend who is working for a Chinese travel company, she said all Chinese travelers complain the rice in Japan is hard.

I still like Japanese food. It is simple and very healthy. However I like good Chinese food with fresh vegetable, good oil and salt.

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