Aug 172010

[Jesse] Haga says she does not have time to write stuff now, so I’m uploading her emails here[/]

August 2
Jesse, we got safely at my parents house.There was a little accident at airport. Akiva and Kenaz went to a mens and only Kenaz came back. Kenaz told me Akiva is pooing. I waited for a while. Some guy came out and asked me if my son is in the bathroom. The little boy is cryin and saying poo is on his pants. We almost missed the bus to go to Yokodai.

Anyway, Akiva is having a great time with Shi-chan. Kenaz is little bit left alone because of older kis games.

It is hot here. There are many bugs.

I will talk to you later.

August 3
Kenaz still has fever but he is ok. Akiva loves hanging around with Naho and her friends. he goes out with them by himself and catch bugs. Yokohama is much cooler yet still hot though.

we miss you too.

love haga

August 5

Hi Jesse,

Here is hot but not hot as Suzhou. Yesterday I went to see Nobu, Yoshiko, and Eric. I had a good time to talk with them and eat sushi at small sushi bar.

Kenaz has no longer fever. He misses you. He said I want Daddy the other night.

Akiva gets up 6:30 and goes out to hant bugs with Nahochan everyday.

Kenaz and Akiva are doing great here.

Love you. miss you.

I will try to skype around your time 7:30


August 6

Hi Jesse,

Started last night Akiva got fever 38.5C. He seems fine now. He wants to go out to catch bugs with Nahochan. but Nahochan has fever too. They need to rest a little bit.

Kenaz sometime doesnt want to hang around with bigger kids. then he hangs around with Jiji (grandpa).

We went to see great grand ma yesterday. She looked very healty. She was able to walk by herself without kane. Akiva and Kenaz went to crazy in the senior nursry house around and grabed each other for fight.

Great grandma didnt mind at all yet she told them she had 8 brothers and when they behaive badly, parents put them in ther rice warehouse where a lot mouse and big snakes. The snakes were there to eat the mouse. Anyway, she said among her brothers bad ones made success. It was really relife for me.


August 8

Hi Jesse,

How are you?

Yesterday we went to indoor swiming pool. There was a big slid. Kenaz loved it. He went up and down by himself and he was very happy. Akiva was a little bit inspired by Shichan and tried to swim with breth. He also practiced kicking. At night we went to yokodai summer festival( kidda like SSIS family day).

Today we will go to a mountain.

I hope you have a good weekend!


August 10
Hi Jesse

tomorrow we are going to a summer camp with hiromi family. today akiva needs to take care of his japanese passport. hiromi family is taking care of kenaz. kenaz seems very happy to be a baby.

i love a small nature in yokodai. we went to the mountain yesterday. kenazu walked for three hours.

any way you cannot reach us for three days.

i hope you are having a good bachalar time.


August 15

Hi Jesse,

Last night Takeshi and Hiromi organaized BBQ. Some neighbor kids around Akiva age joined. Akiva and Kenaz had a blast.

Today we are going to see Ikachan, Tsubo and their kids in Yokohama.

Sunday morning TV has kids shows such as Kamen Rider and Power rangers which Akiva and Kenaz are looking forward and are watching now.

love you,

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