Aug 072010

I don't do Facebook...I do Legos.

Anna, please tell Peter Facebook is blocked in China. Anyone…please tell Cooper (and to pass it to Gail) that I don’t “Friend” people in China.

Everyone, if you you write to me, or try to “Friend” me on Facebook, you are a tool. No really, I just don’t know why you do this. You all should know that Facebook is blocked where I live. Its been in the newspapers, on the internet, on forum board… everywhere… yet everyone keep writing notes on my Facebook Wall… (and why is it called a “wall”). Just FYI I am proud NOT to use Facebook.


And by the way, I’m not writing this post because I feel guilty about not being your “Facebook” friends. In my mind, all my friends are with me always. That may be why sometimes I get annoyed for no apparent reason.

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  One Response to “Again… I can’t use Facebook!”

  1. Are you kidding me wow. Am I the first person other than your family to post a comment. Well I am annoyed that I read this blog because it is so not cool. When are you coming out you are in need of real food. Where you live is to crowded. Talk to you later facebook is cool. You know why becuase they are making a movie about it.

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