Jun 142010

Rainy season came to Suzhou. Whenever we see the sun out in the weekend, we go to parks around the Jingji Lake. Akiva and Kenaz are good brothers. They play together a lot. They also fight a lot.

We often visit our previous nanny’s house over lunch. She always cooks twenty dishes for us. Her friends and her families often hang around at her house. When the lunch starts every one tells Jesse to eat more. Today started from our nanny’s brother’s son. He sat next to Jesse and every second he told Jesse eat this and eat that. Then his wife came by and told Jesse to eat more. Our nanny also told Jesse to eat more. Jesse didn’t handle the situation very well this time. He told everyone I like the simple foods like potato and other simple stuffs. They all looked each other and looked on the table and noticed there was no potato dish (but there was already tons of other dishes like shrimps, fish, chickens, corns, cash nuts and more ). The aunt went back to the kitchen, quickly cooked a thin sliced potato and green paper dish and came back with it.

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