Jun 302010

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I have posted many times before about the Google-leaving-China issue. Today, the topic has come up again.

To reiterate, I state that Google’s decision to stop Self-censoring was not the most moral of its options. It would have been better for the cause of Freedom and for the Chinese people if Google remained in China while continuing with the censorship practices. This is because , even with self-censorship, Google was able to provide un-biased search rankings that are not influenced by politics or commercial sponsorship. By leaving China, Google has left the Chinese people to use just Baidu. Now that Google is on the other side of The Wall, Google search results machine censored, but more importantly, we in China can expect to see Google’s services become progressively – but subtly – more difficult to access.

[to see the difference between Google and Baidu, you can look at this site…if it still exists. It is either down or is blocked in China : http://baigoogledu.com.cn/]

With today’s news about putting a fake search box on Google.cn, the “company that does no evil” is just pissing off the CCP more while giving China’s government ammunition against Google. I wish Google would stop with the rediculous .com.hk charrade. Instead of saying that they are in China by virtue of having an HK domain name (and thus emphasizing the one country / two systems, which is a legacy of colonialism), it would be so much better to redirect to Google.com. In this way, they would still lose the China market. But at least they could emphasize the trans-international nature of the Internet and Google’s place in an open system. Google does not belong to a .hk or .cn or .anything. Google is on the internet, which is should be border-less.

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