May 272010

I’ve been working at a Japanese Headhunting/HR consulting company for 3 years. My work is very seasonal. There is time (usually summer time and around Luna New year) I have absolute nothing to do so I check on my latest craze, Taylor Lautner’s pictures on internet. Instead spring time is the busiest. This year started on March. We got a lot of requests from Japanese companies who are developing new factories in Suzhou area. I had to go through a lot of resumes and interview Japanese speaking Chinese candidates. It is very boring process, once a while I find an excellent candidate. Summer is coming soon. I am getting less busy so I have some time to update my latest.


While Jesse was in Germany, Akiva and Kenaz wento a kindergarten field trip to a farm theme park. We picked strawberries, tomatos and cucumbers off their plants. Akiva and Kenaz were very excited.

There was a fishing pound. We caught gold fishes. These gold fishes moved very quickly. Most the younger kids got too frustrated. Their moms and grandmas took a turn and grab a little fishing net. Some of them got so into it. I saw at least two moms fell into the pound. Akiva was really good at catching fish. We took six gold fishes back home.

They survived several weeks in a bucket, I decided to buy a big nice fish tank with filtrated air circulation. I noticed a bigger one kept chasing after everyone. I looked at internet and found a bully fish have to be separated away from others. However I don’t have another fish tank I decided to ignore it.

Then one morning I found eggs all over in the tank. It is just my fishes keep me very busy. I had to change water. I have to make hard boiled eggs to feed yolk flakes to baby fishes. I am constantly doing something for fishes now!!

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