May 252010

We had celebrated Jesse’s birthday through weekend. Saturday we went to his favorite dim sum restaurant along Jinji Lake. Sunday I made chocolate cup cakes and we ate with ice cream. Monday on his actual birthday we celebrated over hand roll sushi and another chocolate cake.

It is hard to believe we have reached to the big age. When I met Jesse first time, his parents were around the age.

I never wanted to involve with none Japanese boy friend even after I met Jesse. I actually had tried very hard to find a Japanese boy friend. I went to a fortune teller to spend 80 dollars to find out my love life (she didn’t see anyone. Instead she told me I am cursed by water split). I always felt I wanted age with Jesse. If I don’t know him when he was 60 years old, I would regret it. It was really strange though. Yet I was very afraid to be totally stranger of Jesse.

I am going to be the big age this September. I am very happy to gain wrinkles with some one I always love.

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  1. I am so happy to see your celebration of Jesse’s b-day and your love for each other. You all look so happy. I cannot believe so much time has past. I love you all.

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