May 262010

Hi all my friends, relatives, and well-wishers who use Facebook who have wished me a Happy Birthday, and commented recently…

You know who you are, but I will list a few: Anna Morgan Von Bonn, Wendy Pupplo, Chris Doss, Debr, Drew Stagenhorst, Jacob Miller, Linda Scott Sanders Michael Jiang, Penny Duan, and possibly others.

I am grateful for your response. Some of you may have Happy Birthday greetings go out automatically, but I don’t care. I’m happy you send messages to me. I’m so sorry that I have not replied.

Unfortunately, Facebook is blocked in China. The blog articles Haga and I write are automatically uploaded to Facebook from our family blog (at But it is very difficult to actually get on Facebook. I’m not sure if I would check Facebook much even if I lived in the US, as I’m not a very social person hence don’t really like social networking thingys. But if I could, I would respond to you all.

I recently decided not to renew my VPN service because it was not very good. So currently I have no way to leap the Great Fire Wall. I will sign up for a new VPN in a week or two so that I can check all the Facebook messages and then sometimes reply.

Love to you all,

PS. To certain good dear friends… you know who you are…I’m not going to play friggen Mafia. I’m not going to take a survey about my IQ, my EQ, my spiritual totem, my knowledge of sci-fi, which Star Trek character I resemble, my sexual prowesses, or any survey of any kind. I am just unmeasurable. And please don’t send me things involving “poking”, and “snow balls”; I will curse you…privately. When I jump over the Great Fire Wall to respond to people, it should not have anything to do with Facebook thingys.

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  1. I see why your blog has no updates after your Vietnam trip in my Google Reader. Your blog had a new look and the feed url changed. I don’t know why it’s changed. Usually it would be the same even you have the site revamped.

    I subscribed again.

    Michael Jiang

    PS. I saw Haga a few times at lunch in SISPARK. We probably lived in the same area. Are you guys living in LING LONG WAN?

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