Apr 062010

It was “Grave Sweeping” holiday in China. Which means we had a three-day weekend. We spend it by going to parks. First we went to an empty grass field near our house. There we blew bubbles, flew kites, and played soccer.

We also went to the Suzhou BaiTang Botanical Gardens.

One thing I notice…I have always noticed about Chinese public parks is that they are not meant for fun. They are meant for sitting around and relaxing. Its actually very similar to the famous Suzhou Gardens, which were originally high-end retirement areas for officials(and/or maybe brothel-fun parks…if you think dark thoughts like me) . The Gardens are meant to “encapsulate” and emulate natural areas. But in themselves are very artificial. That’s what Chinese parks are like. Sort of like a pretty movie-set. Complete with soft music coming from speakers. The old Gardens, only now, for the masses. Everyone can feel like they are rich and can walk around idly doing nothing. And like a movie set, you are not supposed to get rough. We had to check our balls and kites in at the front gate.

Of course, what the boys liked most was climbing on declarative rocks and ledges. For a long time.

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