Apr 252010

The above image shows all of my children’s toys, except their 2 in door wagons, outdoor wagons, sports equipment, playdo sets, and art supplies. And does not include the case of books in our bedroom. I think if we can keep their toys organized as such a way, we can convert their room into an actual bedroom…sometime.

Today the Covners are in mourning; Sammy was put down. I’m sad, but my parents and sister are not good. I’m worrying for them. Any of my friends in San Diego (and close-areas), if you have time, please do something to support them. How to support them, for me, here so far away, I don’t know. News of Sammy’s passing made Akiva and Kenaz to ask about what happens after death. This type of question coming from them makes me go insane with worry, dread of the inevitable, and remorse. And desire to re-start smoking cigarettes.

In other news, I’m going to Germany tomorrow for business and will be there for two weeks. Kenaz is sick now (fever, rash, cough) but seems to be getting better. But he will be out of school for several days. So… Haga…my great, beautiful wife…will be missing a lot of work and taking care of the boys. I’m going to be doing factory tours and working in stuffy rooms as soon as I get to Germany. And translating for my team of 15 Chinese colleagues (my whole damn team!!!) … most of whom don’t speak English, and none have ever been out of China. I hope to travel for 2 days before I leave Germany. Originally I was going to fly somewhere, but now I think I’ll play it by ear.

I will be in Regensburg…which I believe is the town the Pope is from…not that I care about that fact BTW.

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I’ll try to post updates while there.

Love to all friends and family. May you be blessed with happiness and health.

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