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Posted 02 Mar 2010 in Uncategorized

OK. I’m going to host this on wordpress. Movable Type takes too much effort to set-up, even though it is clear to me that if I knew what I’m doing, it would probably be a better system (multiple blogs, static pages)

Just as a recap… I had to move the blog from Blogger because they stopped supporting FTP access. Furthermore, the Blogger hosted solution, blog-spot, is blocked in China. Blogger is also blocked, so I needed to use a VPN to access, which was annoying. But blogspot cannot be viewed by Chinese friends, and they are unlikely to have a VPN to access. So now my tools reside on the server which I rent to host the blog.

My hosting provider,, has been great at providing tech support. I mean really great… they most have put about 5 hours already into helping me. Which was needed because this has not been a simple thing to move the blog over. Now its official. Its moved. But like any move, we still have to do some un-packing. In the case of this blog, that includes:

-Figuring out how to convert it into static pages for better archiveing
-Putting a better graphic on the header
-Adding a few more widgets (weather maybe, and RSS feed subscriptions)

For all the friends, loved-ones, fans, and family on Facebook, if one of you could leave a message for me to let me know that this is updating there, I would appreciate it.

All this will be in preparation of my soon-to-be released (3rd attempt) to create a sustaining business blog. Stay tuned for that info.

Love to all,

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