Mar 302010

Assembled:”In every generation, each Jew must look upon himself as though he, personally, was among those who went forth from Egypt. Not our fathers alone did the Holy One, Blessed be He, redeem from suffering, but also us and our families.”

Leader (of course, me): “The struggle for freedom is a continuous struggle. For never does man reach total liberty and opportunity”

Assembled: “In every age, some new freedom is won and established, adding to the advancement of human happiness and security”

Leader (of course, me): “Yet, each age uncovers a formerly unrecognized servitude, requiring new liberation to set man’s soul free”

Assembled: “In every age the concept of freedom grows broader, widening the horizons for finer and nobler living.”

Leader (of course, me): “Each generation is duty bound to contribute to this growth, else mankind’s ideals become stagnant and stationary”

Assembled: ” The events in Egypt were but the beginning of a force in history which will forever continue”.

Leader (of course, me): “In this spirit we see ourselves as participants in the Exodus, for we must dedicate our energies tthe cause there begun.”

Tavon (assigned a Leader-passage): ” The simple one, with complete unconcern, regarded as simple because of his indifference asks ‘What is all this?'”

Jim (assigned a Leader-passage): “The wicked son asks: What mean these customs in which YOU engage, which the Lord commanded you to observe?”

Leader: “Let anyone who is hungry join us at this Seder, and let them partake of what we have to share.

Lo! This is the bread of affliction, the humble and simple bread which our ancestors ate in the land of Egypt

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